Matt Burnett


It’s just easier to list these on a website. Usually I am the one running games, so I can just point people here. I like a lot of gritty settings & dark humor, but I still have my limits.

(don’t do these things at all)

  • No Rape or Sexual Assault
  • No real world Racism
    (goofy thematic teasing of non-real world beings is fine)
  • No Hard Violence (death or mutilation) or Sexual Assault on Children

(you can do these things, but don’t describe them in detail)

  • Violent Torture
  • Past Violence on Children
    (Towns get decimated, families get killed in remote places, things happen. This is fine. I’d rather not hear about the details regarding the children.)
  • Sexual Harassment
    (Some people play bad characters or non-politically correct characters. That’s fine, but I don’t want to hear it. Keep it very light-hearted or off the table.)
  • Romance
    (More of a soft veil, don’t direct it at me & if I’m GM I’m not going to reciprocate flirtation & general romance isn’t my thing. Romantic interests or in-game relationships are fine.)