Matt Burnett

Agents of Syn

Agents of Syn was a “Living World” or “West Marches” style Tabletop Role-playing Game campaign. It was ran online with a community that existed mostly on Discord.

The setting is based on the generic roleplaying system Savage Worlds in the setting of Crystal Heart. It’s a fantastic setting that mixes a lot of different genres together. It’s based on a web comic series of the same name on the website, where the characters in the comic are playing in the world of Crystal Heart.

Work put in to it

This was half community, half tech. Although I don’t have the tech open sourced, there was a good bit going on behind the scenes and I learned a lot. It was also my first Next.js site.


Agents of Syn

FoundryVTT is the Virtual Tabletop we use to run our games. I host 3 instances of this concurrently on my server & had built a little infrastructure around that to clone worlds & allow other GMs to have access to things. However, I do have another project that is a Foundry plugin called Ping Logger, but it’s very very simple. Maybe I’ll make more in the future.


This was a fun project & was working fairly well. But, ultimately I decided to shut it down because I just didn’t have the time to put into it that it needed. With the help of the community, we also had to hack the setting quite a bit to get it to work better with a living wold. The setting is still fantastic, but out of the box didn’t quite work as well for a living world like I thought it would.