Matt Burnett

Agents of Syn

Agents of Syn is a “Living World” or “West Marches” style Tabletop Role-playing Game campaign, I explain more about what these things are the website. It’s ran totally online with an online community that exists mostly on Discord.

The setting is based on the generic roleplaying system Savage Worlds in the setting of Crystal Heart. It’s a fantastic setting that mixes a lot of different genres together. It’s based on a web comic series of the same name on the website, where the characters in the comic are playing in the world of Crystal Heart.

Work put in to it

This is half community, half tech. Although I don’t have the tech open sourced, there is a good bit going on behind the scenes. We have a r/AgentsOfSyn Subreddit,but that isn’t very active. The Discord community is slightly active, but I’m having fun running it & getting people together.

On the website, you can log in if you’re a member of our Discord server which will allow you to see a list of the known crystals we have found. The site was my first NextJS site & uses that for the login. However, working on other things like a character creator have proved to be a bit of a learning curve, but I worked through them & now I just need to finish it.

I also get to GM games when I have the time & write the world. As of this writing, we are going through a big shift to make the living world more plausible... which is a lot of fun.


Agents of Syn

FoundryVTT is the Virtual Tabletop we use to run our games. I host 3 instances of this concurrently on my server & have built a little infrastructure around that to clone worlds & allow other GMs to have access to things. I eventually want to incorporate this into the website. However, I do have another project that is a Foundry plugin called Ping Logger, but it’s very very simple. Maybe I’ll make more in the future. I did start on a Crystal Heart character sheet using Svelte. 🤔