Matt Burnett

Tabletop.Land - online vendor marketplace


Tabletop.Land is a real business filed under HypnoCode Productions LLC, which started as just an LLC I got to protect myself with my various online ventures. We opened up shop November 22, 2021.

The site specializes in handmade tabletop terrain & miniatures that are used in Tabletop RPGs, Wargaming, & other scale modeling. In a sense, it is very similar to Etsy, but specifically targeted at our small niche. I am sole owner, but my wife helps me out & it is a full time job for her. She makes some products, but mostly handles the online orders, transactions, & other administrative stuff. For me it is a part-time gig, since I have a full time job.

It is build on the Shopify platform. As of this writing, it uses a 3rd party plugin to manage the multi-vendor marketplace, but hopefully I will have a better solution for that developed soon.