My name is Matt, just some random software developer guy. UI focused, college educated (CS), frontend dev, mostly. JavaScript, ES2015+, React, NodeJS, CSS, yadda yadda.

I can do some backend Java too, along with a handful of other languages, but most others I'm very rusty on. But, development is development. Adapt and Change. Right? If a user doesn't touch it in some way, I'm probably not that interested. Services are borderline.

I am currently working for a great established company on a Greenfield project, where I am helping to build the core system for the destined to be the new face of their company. Working in ES2015+, NodeJS, and React, with a little Java. Microservice, event driven, fat clients, stuff like that. Fun stuff.

I also like to hike and backpack and a little geocaching and stuff. I take some pictures on Instagram, some are pretty good, most are... eh. I try to get out every weekend when the weather is good. ThruHiking the AT or PCT is a dream. Hopefully one day I'll get a chance to take a sabbatical.

You can contact me at [email protected].

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