Matt Burnett

software engineer

My name is Matt and I'm a software engineer who likes building stuff for the web. My main passion is JavaScript sweetened up with some tasty TypeScript sugar and building things that users get to see and touch, but I'm well rounded in full stack development with Node.js, Java, Go, C#, and experience in a variety of other languages. I'm also on board the Deno hype train, but it still needs to mature a bit before I'd be comfortable using it for real.

My COVID lockdown project has been an open source project called Portaler. Portaler is a collaborative mapping tool and the number one of its kind for the game Albion Online. In about 3 months after I launched, it started receiving about 15,000 monthly active users according to Cloudflare metrics. Which, I believe is a fairly heavy chunk of the game's active players .

The project is written entirely in TypeScript using Node & React.

* Sorry, these apps aren't mobile friendly at this time. It kinda just grew from a personal need into something a lot of people use.

As far as tech goes, it's just a simple crud app, due to rules set by the game's owners all user input is manual. It's run on less than < $30 a month of hardware with plenty of room to grow.

As of this writing, it doesn't use a GraphDB, but it definitely should and that's probably coming soon, ...or websockets (if you couldn't tell by the insane number of requests it runs off a heartbeat).

Here you can see a Twitch stream of me using it & ultimately dying in the process.

I've written a few articles but it's nothing I do regularly. Mostly for SitePoint because I had some friends who freelanced for them.

This page was totally over-engineered using Gatsby.js and then hosted on Netlify, because they're just awesome.

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