Matt Burnett

software engineer
Matt Burnett
Heya, my name is Matt. I make software & software accessories.
Hank Hill, yup

I work for an awesome company called Shopify.Great company with an awesome mission & just scratching the surface of their potential.

Tools of the trade

The tools of my trade are mostly React, TypeScript, NodeJS,& VSC. This site was over-engineered using NextJS...because it’s just awesomeness. I consider myself lucky that even after 10yrs+ of development, it’s still one of my main hobbies... although I do have a ton of hobbies.

I’m a full-stack dev who’s worked with a lot more than just these techs & if you’re curious checkout my ABOUT page, though I do lean pretty heavy on the frontend because that’s just where my passion lies.

I’m not the best developer on the planet, but I know what I’m doing & like to think I’m pretty good at it.

💡 Ideas, 🕐 Time, & ⚡️ Energy

I have more ideas than I have time. Plenty of energy, just not enough time. Why can’t days last for 72hrs instead of 24? That would be cool! If I actually turned any of my ideas into businesses (which I don’t), you could probably call me a serial entrepreneur.

If I can’t find something or something I want doesn’t exist, I end up just making it. I’m definitely a serial community creator & run a few Discordservers.

On my PROJECTS page you can find more about the stuff I have done in my free time & a little about what I’ve done for work.