Matt Burnett

Who am I?

Matt BurnettHank Hill

Well... I make software & software accessories.

Matt Burnett

Software Engineer(Frontend)


Just the basics

I work at Shopify, collaborating with some of the brightest minds to create pioneering products and strengthen Shopify’s checkout platform.

My expertise includes React, TypeScript, and Node.js. With over a decade of experience, software development is both my profession and passion.

As a full-stack developer, I’ve explored various technologies. You can learn more about my career in my resumé. However, my true passion lies in frontend development, a field that constantly challenges and inspires me.

I take pride in delivering quality work and continually strive for mastery in my field.

Lately, I’ve been delving into LLMs and their potential. I’ve worked on projects that implement them in various ways. I firmly believe we’re just beginning to unlock their full potential.

Random projects