Matt Burnett

Who am I?

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Well... I make software & software accessories.

Matt Burnett

Software Engineer(Frontend)


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Just the basics

I serve the innovative tech giant Shopify where I collaborate with some of the brightest minds. In this vibrant ecosystem, not only do I contribute towards the creation of pioneering products, but I also help strengthen Shopify's checkout platform. Convinced of the potential Shopify holds, I utilize this platform for my own venture, Tabletop.Land.

My main expertise lies in React, TypeScript, and NodeJS. With over a decade of experience, my passion for software development keeps reaffirming itself, making it as much a hobby as a profession.

As a full-stack developer, I have broadened my knowledge base by venturing into numerous other technologies. If you're interested in knowing more about my career progression, feel free to read my resumé. That being said, my heart truly lies in frontend development, a field that consistently challenges me and fuels my desire for growth.

With a solid understanding of my craft, I take pride in delivering quality work and continue to aspire for mastery in my field.

Most recently, I’ve been getting increasingly into LLMs and what they can bring to the table. I’ve had the pleasure of working with projects that implement them in a variety of ways. I firmly believe we’re just starting to unlock the power of what LLMs can bring. From RAG based solutions, to just “prompt engineering”, and everything in between.

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