Matt Burnett

An overview of Portaler

Portaler Logo

You can find the main website at, but that is there mostly for SEO purposes & to have a landing page. You can find a demo of it on the public map, which I can’t garuntee will have any connections. You can join the Discordserver & make your own if you’d like.

The project is Open Source which you can find on GitHub.It’s currently looking for contributors as I don’t really play the game as much as I used to.

The Discord server has quite a few people, which I manage myself, but it’s not hard or time consuming.

Current Live Discord Stats

Online: 743
Total: 2331

What is it?

Portaler is a mult-tenant collaborative mapping tool for Albion Online, that allows users to create private maps for their guilds. Albion Online is a heavy focused on Player vs Player combat, with full loot & territory control.

In 2020, Albion Online introduced “portals” that are randomly spawned gateways to “Avalonian Roads” which have even more connections. These connections only last a certain amount of time then vanish. Portaler helps guilds or groups of players manage maps of their current connections. It is mostly geared towards guilds who make their home base inside of the roads & need a constant, readily available, map to be able to navigate correctly. However, it’s used by many other players as well.


According to Cloudflare metrics, I receive about 19,000 to 21,000 Monthly Active Users & according to Discordthe bot that provides Authentication is installed on about 400 servers.

The whole suite of services runs on less than 2gb of memory & barely uses any processor. The entire codebase is written in TypeScript,including the NodeJSportions of the service. It relies on a PostgreSQLdatabase for persistent storage & Redisfor caching. Albion Online has no API, so authentication is provided through Discord Roles, which require a bot to be installed on the user’s server to gain visibility into the users’ role.

Overall, I’d say it’s not my best project code wise, but it runs well, scales well, & working in the codebase isn’t too challenging. It was originally started to just play around with using Redux hooks, which were new at the time. Then it kind of blew up. 🤣

Income? lol no

I don’t make any income from the app, despite the user base. I messed up a little bit & gave each individual server a subdomain, which I thought was cool, but bit me in the ass when it comes to advertising. What I do make comes from generous users donating to my small Patreon& Ko-Fi.But it barely pays for the server cost, which admittedly is hosted on a lot more hardware than I need. I can say though, that the community generated around the app has surprised the hell out of me with how friendly & supportive they are. They are really great!